I can not send email using My server SMPT why?

1. you may need to have my server requires authentication checked. (example) outlook express. go to the tools,accounts mail, properties,servers in that order and check mark the box that says"my server requiers authenticatin"

2. Some ISP's block to use of port 25 (Remote SMPT) on their connection the only way around this is to
   a. switch ISP's or complain to your ISP we do not control their policies.
   b. use your ISP's SMPT by entering it in the log in info for  "my server requiers authenticatin"
   c. open a suppoort request dependimng on your server we use  mutiple email ports.              

  3.  The current list of ISP's that block port 25 SMPT
(updated AUg 06) all ISP's below are dial up accounts unless otherwise specified

 AOL (ALL Remote SMPT dial up/broadband/DSL)
Bell Canada
qwest net
People PC
road Runner/Time warner (broadband certain locations)
Cox Net Broadband

if you are having connection issus open a trouble ticket and include the error code and we can help you resolve the issues with your ISP.

to check to see if your ISP blocks remote SMPT

Windows - open a command promt/msdos promt and type the command  

telnet yourdomain.com 25
if the connection times out (yeilds no information) your ISP blocks remote SMPT.

Unix/Linux/Mac - open a terninal window and enter the same command                                                
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