Shared Hosting clients:

Most of you should know that Front Page Extensions reached End of Life in July of 2006

(there is no more updates or security patches) and we will be phasing them out in the next 6 months as apache web server builds will no longer have support for them. Not to worry., if you wish to use Front Page there is a replacement. Mod _Dav is installed on all of our apache web servers. Front Page FTP will work as it always did and your Front page should be DAV enabled. (please consult you Microsoft documentation for more details) using: Ports 2078 (SSL) or 2077 (non-SSL) will need to be allowed on your computer's firewall to use the Mod_Dav . for more info you can see the web disk icon in your cPanel. GUI.

Schedule of events: Upgrade to apache 2.0.61 with FrontPage & Mod_Dav support (completed) March 2008 Upgrade to Apache 2.2.X FrontPage support will be dropped Use Mod_Dav instead .



Dedicated server & Virtual Private Server clients:

ALL: PHP 4 is End of Life Dec 31 2007 and total support will be dropped Aug 8 2008. If you are still using PHP 4 it is strongly suggested. That you upgrade or have us upgrade your server before Aug 8 or you may find your server has been exploited. if you running scripts that only are PHP 4 compliant its time to upgrade them.


Cpanel Servers only:

Apache 2 has moved into the stable and release build:

however we will not automatically upgrade behind the scenes as we have done in the past with apache 1. as this is a complete software change out there may be a few bugs . We will not upgrade your apache or PHP until you open a ticket requesting us to. as there is major differences in the apache build script which would warrant caution. After the first initial build with EA 3 we will continue behind the scenes patching your software without request .

Note: ALL dedicated server & VPS clients running cPanel that have been added since October you are all ready running Apache 2.0.x so the above does not apply unless you want to upgrade to Apache 2.2 .


Thank You

Friday, November 9, 2007

<< Geri

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